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POST 'N' RAIL manufacture two styles of gate in a variety of sizes up to a maximum 4 metres in width.

The intention when first making gates was to offer a decorative, coloured gate at a reasonable price.  The majority of timber look concrete post and rail entrances installed will have either a single gate or a pair of gates.  There was a choice between a 2.4 metre farm gate at $100 and a highly decorative coloured gate for $1,000 or more, and very little in between.  With this in mind POST 'N' RAIL offer limited styles that are simple in their design.  This allows us to stay true to our original intention and produce the gates you see pictured at a reasonable price. Gates can be made in colours to match or contrast your concrete post and rail fence.

If you would like to receive a price list, please contact us.

8' 'Hamilton' style gate

8' Williamson' style gate

Hanging gates on our concrete post and rail fence is simple.  We offer both gate and latch posts that are made with holes that fit our gate kits perfectly.

Gate and latch posts are available in the single, two and three rail concrete post and rail fences.

Installing double gates require two gate posts.  Alternatively, the installation of a single gate requires a gate post and latch post.

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